Backwater Connection

Kurt Hunter Mysteries: Book Thirteen

What’s worse than finding a dead body? Finding a dead body with a backpack full of drugs.

The tides carry all kinds of things into Biscayne National Park, and most of them are bad. Kurt Hunter, the special agent in charge, has found more than his share of bodies, but the latest sends him into the world of drug cartels to find the killer.

In nature, when voids are created they are quickly filled. The same thing happens in drug cartels. When a Miami kingpin goes down, another steps in and the playing field shifts. Everything Kurt thought he knew about the drug trade is moot as he must battle not only a new adversary but a new and deadly blend of drugs.

Kurt and his crew are faced with a decision: Is it more important to find the killer or to get the drugs off the street?

Filled with exotic locations, fast boats, and shady characters, Backwater Connection will be sure to entertain. Pick up your copy now.


Available in kindle and paperback:

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