Wood’s Dilemma

Mac Travis Adventures: Book Thirteen

“Action & Adventure In The Florida Keys from the #1 Sea Adventure Series”


How far would you go to save a place that is a part of you?

When a devastating explosion upsets the delicate ecosystem of the Florida Keys backcountry, Mac Travis is faced with a situation that could ruin his idyllic lifestyle. To stay on the island that has been his refuge, he must work outside the authorities, who want to use the explosion as an excuse to take his home away.

Mac’s investigation leads him down a path he never expected, and when he discovers the motivation of the perpetrator, he’s forced into a dangerous situation—with no help coming.

A story that highlights the beauty of the Keys while exposing their undesirable underbelly, Wood’s Dilemma features the unique character of the island chain. Filled with boating, diving, and fishing, with plenty of action, and stunning locations, escape on a tropical adventure in the latest in the bestselling Mac Travis Adventures.


Available in Kindle and paperback:

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