Reading Order

All books can be enjoyed on their own, but for maximum enjoyment, here’s the suggested reading order by series.

Mac Travis Adventures

Wood’s Ledge (Prequel)

Wood’s Relic (Prequel)

Wood’s Reef

Wood’s Wall

Wood’s Wreck

Wood’s Harbor

Wood’s Reach

Wood’s Revenge

Wood’s Betrayal

Wood’s Tempest

Wood’s Fury

Wood’s Destiny

Wood’s Hope

Wood’s Honor

Wood’s Dilemma

Wood’s Chase

Kurt Hunter

Backwater Bay

Backwater Channel

Backwater Cove

Backwater Key

Backwater Pass

Backwater Tide

Backwater Flats

Backwater Grave

Backwater Diva

Backwater Haven

Backwater Predator

Backwater Squall

Tides of


The Wreck of the Ten Sails

Haitian Gold

Shifting Sands

Uncharted Waters

Gold Fever

Storm Series

Storm Rising

Storm Force

Storm Surge

Storm Clouds

Special Projects Group

The Acadia Enigma

The Cape Cod Enigma

The Liberty Enigma

Will Service Eco Thrillers

Bonefish Blues

Tuna Tango

Dorado Duet

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