Backwater Squall

Kurt Hunter Mysteries: Book Twelve


When is it better to be dead than missing?

A woman’s plea to find her missing husband sends Special Agent Kurt Hunter down a road he doesn’t want to go.

For all its pristine beauty, Biscayne National Park can be deadly for those lost and unprepared. Open water and inhospitable islands are the most obvious obstacles in a life or death battle, but there is something even more dangerous than nature—man.

The search leads to the mangrove-lined shores of the barrier islands, where smugglers and pirates have lurked for centuries. With the clock ticking on finding the man alive, Kurt and his team take to the backwaters of Biscayne Bay to find him.

Backwater Squall is filled with all the colorful characters, tropical locations, Florida history, and marine action that readers have come to expect in the Kurt Hunter Mystery series.


Available on Kindle and paperback:

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