The LIBERTY Enigma

Special Projects Group: Book Three

Liberty8FINALTerrorists target Lady Liberty

The Hudson River and Long Island Sound provide historic, vibrant, and simply beautiful settings—until terrorists begin setting off dirty bombs along their shores. Kendra Hale and Ian Starbuck, special agents for the FBI’s Special Projects Group, are called in to stop the mayhem, uncovering a sophisticated network of jihadists whose goal is to render Manhattan uninhabitable. Nuclear waste is their weapon of choice, and they have the financing and maritime assets in place to deliver unprecedented chaos. Can the duo stop the plot to turn Lady Liberty into a radioactive hot spot?

Filled with the action, adventure, and seaworthy settings you’ve come to expect in bestselling author Steven Becker’s books, the third book in this new series promises not to disappoint.

Available to on kindle, paperback and Audio:

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