Wood’s Fury

Mac Travis Adventures: Book Nine

“Action & Adventure In The Florida Keys from the #1 Sea Adventure Series”

Sometimes when you try and do the right thing—it turns into disaster

Living on an island, miles from the mainland, Mac Travis thought he could disappear. It was a simple life with no worries and fewer bills. Mac was content working his trap lines, fishing the seasons, and diving. That all ended when he and his mate found a turtle laden down with fifty kilos of pure cocaine floating in the Gulf Stream.

What seemed at the time to be a simple rescue, entangles him in a web of deceit and lies. From Marathon to Key West and on to the Dry Tortugas, Mac has no choice but to find a treasure that is better left alone.

Caught in a war between a father and son, Mac and his crew must weave their way through not only the dangerous waters of the Keys and the counter-culture of Key West, but a family history better left buried.

Available to order on Kindle, paperback and audio book.

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