Did You Take Advantage Of The Offer?

BoxSetOfferI posted about the Mac Travis Adventure Box Set Offer on Monday, and it went amazingly well!

On Monday it flew up to number 7 in the best seller list on amazon, reached number 1 in 3 categories, and threw me into several different author ranks.




All I can say is THANK YOU! I appreciate your support.

If you missed the $0.99 offer, don’t worry, it’s still not jumped back to the usual price of $7.99. You can still grab a copy for the reduced price of $2.99 – but only today and tomorrow.

These price reductions don’t happen often on my books, so take advantage.

The box set is participating in a Kindle Countdown:

26th – 28th October = $0.99 ENDED

29th – 30th October = $2.99

31st Oct – 1st Nov = $5.99

2nd Nov onwards = $7.99

Don’t delay – download a copy of the box set today. Share this great offer with your friends before the price increases again.



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