Central Intelligence Agency – An Integral Part of the Security in the USA

Roscoe_H._HillenkoetterThe CIA was started in 1947 with Rear Admiral Roscoe H Hillenkoetter as its first director. The purpose of the agency is to protect the country from overseas threats and attacks, by gathering national security information worldwide. Even though both Congress and the President have influence over the CIA, it is the President that has the ultimate authority and gives the go ahead to initiate covert actions.

Covert operations are normally conducted by the CIA in an effort to protect the country, or affect circumstances which might have direct effects on its population. They are undertaken without revealing the identity of the agency or country involved. These operations as well as others require an entire team to ensure that they are carried out properly.

To become a part of the CIA there are three basic requirements, which are: those applying must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen and a high school graduate. For intelligence analysts, overseas officers and non-clerical personnel a college degree, preferably at a higher level, is also a requirement. Knowledge of a foreign language is always an additional benefit, no matter where in the agency you would like to be employed. Many of the people employed by the CIA work undercover, either with another government agency or as civilians that seem to be in no way affiliated with the government.

Operations officers in the CIA are responsible for seeking out spies, and being based in other countries is very likely during their employment. Best suited to this job are individuals that have a forceful personality, because other parties may need to be convinced to cooperate. Keen intellectual ability, a tough mind, high integrity, love of country and a significant amount of courage are other necessary requirements.

Operations Officers are a part of the Directorate of Operations, which deals directly with human source intelligence (HUMINT). These are the most useful resources to gather information on terrorism and weapons distribution. This greatly helps in the ‘War on Terrorism’ that is a significant part of the CIA’s responsibilities.

shutterstock_86219128The DO is one of five directorates that form the CIA. The other four are:

Directorate of Analysis – These employees go through and interpret the information that is received and make reports and briefings, as well as write papers related to these.

Directorate of Digital Innovation – This directorate is in charge of accelerating the innovative technology of the agency as quickly as possible.

Directorate of Support – The support provided by this directorate include medical services, financial management and agency facilities, as well as anything else that may be needed to ensure that it is being run as smoothly as possible.

Directorate of Science and Technology – In charge of ensuring that all the technology of the agency is as up-to-date as possible. This includes ensuring that its members are forward thinking and able to carry out the assigned missions.

The CIA keeps the number of people it employs confidential, but is very happy to receive applications from those who are enthusiastic about joining their ranks.

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