Florida Keys – Water Sports to try while in the Area

Living in or around the Florida Keys represents a chance to get wet, wild and fit with the variety of water sports that are engaged in daily. Visitors also love and frequent this area as friendly locals, warm water and endless sunshine combine to make any holiday memorable. Regardless of age or skill level there will be several water activities that anyone visiting the Florida Keys can enjoy.

While all the traditional favourites such as snorkelling, surfing, and diving are regularly practiced, there are others that are even more adventurous and give a true example of what life on the coast can mean.

  1. shutterstock_158192810Jet skiing – The best description for a jet ski would be a bike designed to be driven on water. Everyday people dare the waves and feel the breeze, as they use these bikes to manoeuvre around different obstacles such as coral reefs, rocks and small islands. Riding a jet ski well takes a lot of practice, as many unfortunate first timers learn when they get thrown off their bikes because of a need for speed.
  2. Kayaking – Similar to canoeing, kayaking is done in long, low boats where the rower faces forward. A paddle with two blades is then used to propel the boat; as it is pulled front to back while alternating sides. Kayaks can be rowed by one or more persons, each with their own paddle to balance the craft.
  3. Water-Skiing – Not for the faint of heart, this sport requires a tow boat, a rope and one or two skis. The daredevil is pulled behind the boat, skimming the water while they try to maintain their balance on skis. This increases overall body strength and the sport is most frequently done in water that is both calm and deep.
  4. Knee-boarding – Bearing quite a few similarities to water-skiing, knee-boarding is a sport where a motorboat tows a person kneeling on a small surf-style board (with fins) instead of standing up. The person being towed sits back on their heels with an adjustable velcro strap on their thighs and hangs on to the tow rope. Knee-boarding has an easier learning curve than other towing water sports, and is also a favourite for beginners because of the person’s close proximity to the water. shutterstock_191782142This means that in the case of a fall the impact will be significantly less, and the learner will be more likely to get back up and try again.
  5. Windsurfing – This combination of surfing and sailing is done on a board which is powered by the sea’s breeze. In order to operate the sailboat, the surfer holds on and leans into the wind. Many advanced windsurfers can perform jumps, loops, and other tricks, the difficulty of which depends on individual skill levels and practice.

Other activities in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys include ice-berg climbing, water trampolines as well as simply relaxing and enjoying the Florida sunshine.

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