Free Diving – 6 of the Most Amazing Experiences

Recreational diving is an excellent way to observe sea animals in their natural habitats. Scuba diving can scare the creatures away, because of the noise and bubbles caused, and many people free dive as a better alternative. The diver relies on their ability to hold their breath, instead of using any form of equipment, whenever they are free diving. In this way they can get closer to the marine life, as well as manoeuvre better in cramped spaces. Some of the most beautiful places to really experience the marvel of free diving are:

shutterstock_1288953951. Kuda Giri Wreck, Maldives

The nooks and crannies of underwater shipwrecks are the homes of some of the most fascinating creatures. The Kuda Giri wreck is an upright one which is located 31m off South Male Atoll in the Maldives. The water is normally warm with good visibility, and various animals including barracuda, turtles, glass fish and Whitetip sharks can be seen in and around the wreck.

2. Sunken Plane, England

Located near Chepstow, England is a sunken plane that attracts experienced free divers. The dive is considered an overhead one, meaning that there is no direct access to the surface if anything goes wrong. In order to exit the craft the diver would need to dive further before being able to go up. The plane’s inner passages are extremely dark, and narrow doorways and exposed metal beams increase the dive’s difficulty.

3. Dahab, Egypt

The blue light which radiates in this dive spot has been described as one of the most beautiful sights to be witnessed under the sea. This dive is not one for amateurs, as the underwater plaques demonstrate, but the splendour and rare animals which will be seen are definitely worth it.

shutterstock_689151344. Tofo, Mozambique

The warm waters of Tofo attract a large amount of whale sharks to the area. The animals are about the size of a bus, but are able to disappear quickly if they feel threatened. They feed on the plankton that can be found in the water between March and October, and can either be seen in large groups or as individuals.

5. Antarctica

If you are able to ignore the freezing waters of Antarctica long enough to enjoy the experience, it is recommended that free divers explore here at least once. There are many large animals visible, including leopard seals and humpback whales and the clarity of the water spectacular.

shutterstock_1033133606. Sri Lanka

The water surrounding Sri Lanka provides a rare opportunity to observe sperm whales in their feeding environment. The warmth of the Indian Ocean is a safe haven for the giant mammals as well as an endless source amount of food. After thy have fed most divers can initiate contact when they come up for air.

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