Cave Diving – The 3 Best American Locations

shutterstock_102080233Underwater exploration can be very exciting and divers add to this by learning to explore submerged caves. These dives are normally more risky than others and, even though many divers are hesitant about increasing the difficulty of their adventures, cave diving is still being more popular. In the United States most of the best places to cave dive are found in Florida, because of its terrain and warm waters. Before their initial dive, explorers have to be trained and develop special techniques in order to be able to handle the increased level of difficulty within the caves.

  1. Telford Cave Diving Systems

This relatively shallow cave has three entrances, which are in close proximity to each other. The cave’s maximum depth is 70 ft., which makes it a good option for newbies as well as limits the need for compression. Even though the cave has one primary passage, which ranges from tall vertical fractures to wide bedded areas, there are a few minor ones that lead away. The range of formations to explore on the major pathway means that amateurs can fulfil their underwater examinations, without having to venture off the original path.

  1. Little River

Located on the banks of the Suwannee River, this cave features a corkscrew tunnel as its entrance which divers need to descend before arriving at an underwater cavern which has a relatively constant depth. Throughout most of the cave this is between 90 and 100ft. For the first 900ft in, it consists of one main tunnel which divides into the Serpentine and Merry-go round. They remerge in The Florida Room, which becomes narrower and has lots more silt the further down divers venture. As a result of centuries of water flow, there are various shapes sculpted into the cave walls that divers enjoy exploring.

  1. shutterstock_193894589Devil’s Eye Cave System

This large cave has over 30,000 ft. which can be explored. As a result of the sheer size of the system there is much of the cave that still hasn’t been professionally mapped out. Located in the Ginnie Springs Resort Complex, the Devil’s Eye Cave System has two entrances, Devil’s Eye and Devil’s Ear. They are close to each other, and merge in a large passage called the Gallery.

As a result of both its size and location the cave is perfect for divers to learn the technicalities of diving in caves.  A series of unlined, interconnecting passages, known as the Catacombs, are a favourite for instructors to teach extensive reel practice. Experienced, more adventurous divers are also offered the opportunity to explore constantly, starting 450ft into the cave, in the Junction Room and the passages which branch off into several directions.

2 Comments on “Cave Diving – The 3 Best American Locations

  1. I always wanted to dive the Yucatanand Cozumel systems but never did the cave diving training. Now I may be a little old to do it 73


  2. to Tom,
    If you are still healthy enough to dive, you can do some Cenote diving with a guide. You won’t be going very deep into the caves, but deep enough to get a feel for it. My husband and I did it with Aquatech a couple years ago (age 64 and 66). We did Los Ojos (2 dives), Taj Mahal (which has haloclines) and Gran Cenotes


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