Wood’s Tempest – OUT NOW

Hey guys,

It’s been five years since I released my first book, Wood’s Reef. It was a story I had been carrying around in my head for years and finally got down on paper. Its’s been a great ride since then and today, Wood’s Tempest, the eighth book in the Mac Travis Adventure series is available.

I’ve written books based in other areas: Biscayne Bay and Miami (The Kurt Hunter series), Hawaii (Storm Force), The Virgin Islands (Storm Rising), Mexico (Dorado Duet), and a handful of Caribbean Islands (Tides of Fortune). After writing about all those exotic locations, the Florida Keys and Mac’s world is still my favorite.

The Keys have a certain flavor, that is both accessible and unique. I’ve always said the Keys were a Caribbean paradise that you could drive to (and tow a boat!). From the craziness of Key West, the remoteness of Fort Jefferson, to the backcountry where Wood’s Island lies, there is both history and mystery in the crystal clear waters.

Writing a Mac Travis adventure is both hard and satisfying. Where I think of the Backwater and Tides of Fortune series like a TV show, the Mac Travis books are like movies. It takes a lot to weave these stories together, but it is so rewarding—especially the research!

Wood’s Tempest covers the entire length of the islands, from TJ’s dive shop in Key Largo to the end of the line, the Dry Tortugas—and everything in between. It’s a great mix of action, adventure, mystery, and history with an added dose of treasure. I really hope you enjoy it.


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