Uncharted Waters Users Guide

Hi Guys,

Thanks for helping make the release of Uncharted Waters, the fifth book in the Tides of Fortune series a success. Writing the book brought me back to several places I’ve visited: The Dry Tortugas, The Cayman Islands, and Bonaire. For those that like to follow along with the book, or see where some of the locations are, check out the Google Map here:


Next up is Backwater Flats. It’s one of those stories that have been kicking around in my head for years. This happened close to thirty years ago and I still remember it. Living out by HWY 27 west of Hollywood, we used the ramp at Bayfront Park in Homestead quite often. The ride across the bay added several miles to our day, but the pristine waters outside Cesar Creek are just like the Keys. Coming in from a day of lobstering, diving, and fishing we were stopped by a FWC “road block” in the channel leading to Bayfront Park. Our fish, lobsters, and safety gear were checked and we were released. But, I’ve always wondered, what if the agents were crooked? The book will be the seventh in the Kurt Hunter Mystery series and available in late June. I’ll get a preorder link to you soon.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for being the best readers a writer could ask for.


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