Steven Becker is the number one author of multiple best selling books including the Mac Travis Adventure series and Tides of Fortune. When he’s not writing, Steven can often be found scuba diving off the coast of Florida, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico and the BVI. He lives in the Foothills of Sierra N2014-10-15-01.13.12-300x225evada, fly fishing the rivers or trolling the lakes from his standup paddleboard. However, his real passion is bluewater fishing the Gulfstream.

His books are inspired by his real-life experiences beneath the sea.

Steven also enjoys outrigger canoe racing and competes with a senior masters coed team from Sacramento, winning several races including the Alcatraz challenge and Santa Cruz.



30 Comments on “About

  1. Love books about this kind of Ocean, Florida, Outdoor type of life thrillers. Influenced originally by J.D. MacDonalds Travis McGee series and C.J. Box, James Lee Burke books. keep up good work.


  2. Sure wish you could write them as fast as I read them! Love the Mac Travis series.


  3. I enjoyed the book very much. I am a Patterson,Baldacci, Cussler fan, but now I am also a Steven Becker fan. Keep the books coming.
    Bob H


  4. Surprised that a diver would have Mac attach a regulator to a tank on a paddleboard where water could get into the primary instead of on shore beforehand and would say that with nitrox you can go deeper and longer without mentioning the depth limits of nitrox.


  5. Ahoy Mate……Just finished the 1st Tides Fortune and immediately started the 2nd book. I look forward to reading them all. Great characters & stories. Please keep um coming; @ the rate I am going I’ll blow through all you’ve written by summers end. Thanks for the entertainment .😀. Meredith


  6. Now I know why I enjoy your stories. They are exciting, keep me on the edge and I hate when one ends. But to know you grew up on John D. McDOnald’s books and with Travis McGee, WOW! I have all his books and re-read them constantly. Unlike you tho, I can read a book in a couple days, being a voracious reader. Keep your stories coming……


      • Hi Debra – you can buy paperbacks and audio versions of all my books from amazon. They’re not in the high street shops I’m afraid. Hope you enjoy. Kind regards, Steve


  7. I just finished Bonefish Blues and am going to start Wood’s Reef. I enjoyed it. As a lifelong Miamian with Key West roots, I could feel myself gliding over the turtle grass. I’m looking forward to the next one.


  8. Love this series….how many times have I read the adventures of Travis McGee and now Mac Travis is in that same vein. Only problem is I read them so fast….I need more….why does writing take so much time…..LOL


  9. Just bought Woods Reef & Bonefish Blues. I’m really excited about diving into them !


  10. I have read all your books and have loved everyone of them. Keep them coming.


  11. I just finished reading Pirate. Awesome story!!! I picked it out as a free Kindle book while waiting for Islands in the Stream to arrive. I will definitely buy a print copy to share and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Thank you very much for the adventure!!


  12. I just finished reading Wood’s Betrayal and all previous Mac Travis adventures, looking forwward to the next one! 🙂


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