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Sample Interview Q&A’s

  1. How did you find yourself writing a book? What’s the story behind your career? I started writing before my daughter was born in 1995, but life got in the way and I never finished that book. I have a lot of technical writing background: writing a manual for a restaurant chain and several non-fiction books. I put everything aside until my daughter got her drivers license and I found myself with a lot of extra time. The first book, Wood’s Reef had been in my head for 15 years.
  2. Do you describe yourself as an author? I would call myself a writer, not an author. Don’t know why. It’s the same thing when I was working hands on with my construction company. I called myself a builder then and not a contractor. Now that I am hands off, I call myself a contractor. Maybe when I have 20 books behind me, I’ll be an author
  3. What do you think of the writing world? Are you happy being part of it? Generally, and especially with indies, it is a great environment with a lot of cooperation. I was in a box set last fall with 6 other authors – no egos.
  4. What makes your subject interesting? I think a lot of people dream of doing some of the stuff I have done. Fishing, diving, boating.
  5. What makes you an interesting author? I hope I am. I think it is the unique experiences I have and hopefully the way I see the world. I did find a 50# bale of cocaine floating in the gulfstream. If that’s not the start of an interesting book, I don’t know what is.
  6. How many times have you wished you’d started writing earlier? That whole 15 year period. Raising my daughter myself was the priority.
  7. Who are your favourite authors? Old Clive Cussler, Steven Pressfield, Conn Iggulden, James W Hall, Hemingway, Bernard Cornwell.
  8. How much time do you spend writing? I’m still running my construction business but I try for a solid 2 hours or 2,000 words.
  9. Do you have a set writing schedule? I have the best luck getting up early and writing before the rest of my life interrupts it.
  10. What’s the biggest hurdle to getting words on the page and how do you overcome it? Starting. Steven Pressfield says in the War of Art that it’s ass in the chair time. Do the work and it will come.
  11. What has been the biggest thrill of your writing career so far? First review.
  12. How do you feel about ebooks vs. print books and alternative vs. conventional publishing? There’s a lot of crap in all, but with indie publishing there are no gate keepers to filter it. I get the chance to entertain people (or so they say).


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