Writing Update

Hi Guys,

The big news is that Storm Force, the second book in the Storm Series will be released in a few weeks. The manuscript is with my editor now and I’ll give a firm release date when I get it back. As usual, the book will be discounted for the first few days of release, so keep your eyes open. Mainly set on the Big Island in Hawaii, the locations are as cool as the island. Here’s a link to a map.

I want to thank everyone for your support of Wood’s Revenge. The book is still doing well and the reviews are excellent. The book is available in kindle, paperback  and the audio book, narrated by Paul McSorley was released earlier this month. If you enjoyed the book, please leave a review here.

After spending two weeks in Marathon, I have all kinds of ideas for the next Mac Travis Adventure. I should be starting on the book in the next few weeks and am hoping for an early summer release. Stock Island, outside Key West is likely to be featured. Check out these boats at a marina there—gotta be great stories there.

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Wayne Stinnett and I have been friends since our first books were released only weeks apart in 2013. The coincidence of having Wood and Jesse’s islands less than two miles apart was not lost on us. Since then we have shared characters and locations. Mac and Trufante make a few cameo appearances in his new book Fallen Hero. Jesse makes an appearance in Wood’s Reach and several scenes in Wood’s Revenge feature The Rusty Anchor. Wayne has just released Reckless Charity. Another good read from a good friend.

Have a great day,


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