Storm Force now available to pre order

The second book in the Storm Thriller series is now available to pre-order from amazon. It will be released on May 11th at the special price of just $2.99. But this release price only lasts 48 hours, after which it will increase to $4.99. So, take advantage of this special price while you can!

A forgotten treasure controls the fate of an island paradise

The future of Hawaii is at stake after a rare chart from Captain Cook’s third voyage of discovery is stolen placing John and Mako Storm directly in the path of a powerful Japanese businessman with his own plans for the islands. Along with two beautiful women, the father and son must put aside their differences, and fight the most powerful force in nature to stop the rebirth of the last Shogunate and save more than just the islands.

Storm Force is a gripping standalone adventure thriller from bestselling author, Steven Becker. Drawing on its history and centered around the Big Island of Hawaii’s exotic locations, the book features plenty of action, boating, and scuba diving.

Available to pre-order on Kindle. Paperback and Audio Book coming soon.


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