New Mac Travis Adventure Thriller – Wood’s Betrayal

Look for the new Mac Travis Adventure Thriller – Wood’s Betrayal. I’m just finishing the first draft and expect to have the book released in mid July. After that, I plan to start writing the fourth Tides of Fortune book. Looks like the crew is going to Mexico and maybe crossing into the Pacific. We’ve got some travel plans in the fall, so the Storms may have an adventure coming soon in Italy.
Several of my readers have commented about the ties to characters and locations between my series. I’ve had fun including my characters as well as some of my friend Wayne Stinnetts. The Rusty Anchor, Jesse, and Rusty have made appearances in the last few Mac Travis books. Mac and Trufante have appeared in several of Wayne’s as well.
For my own series, the Brakens started out in Wood’s Relic and reappeared several years later in Bonefish Blues. Alicia was introduced in Wood’s Reach. She and TJ now have a larger role The Storm series. Mac had a brief cameo in Storm Force as well. There is also a trail of breadcrumbs from the first Tides of Fortune book: Pirate to Wood’s Island. I haven’t worked this in yet, but it’s too good to ignore.
Thank you all for your support of Storm Force. The second book in the series has been charting high and has very positive reviews.

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