Wood’s Betrayal – Mac Travis Adventures Book Eight

Mac Travis Adventures: Book Eight

“Action & Adventure In The Florida Keys from the #1 Sea Adventure Series”

Policy changes can have unintended consequences—and they can be deadly

It’s easy to stay invisible in the Florida Keys. and Mac Travis is doing his best when a simple fishing trip to the Marquesa Keys lands him in the middle of a deadly plot.

When a ruthless shipping magnate returns to his roots and exploits the new Cuban immigration policy, Mac and Trufante are pulled into a life and death struggle, not only for themselves, but those they love.

Wood’s Betrayal is a gripping standalone adventure thriller in Steven Becker’s bestselling Mac Travis series. Centered around South Florida and the Florida Keys, Becker’s books feature plenty of Keys counter-culture along with SCUBA diving, boating and fishing.

Available on Kindle and paperback. Audiobook coming soon.

kindle2  kindle-paperback


I need suggestions for the name of Mac Travis’s boat which will be used in future books. The winner will also appear as a character in the next Mac Travis book AND have their winning boat name added to my own boat.

To enter go to Facebook and leave your suggestion in the comments section of the contest post (CLICK HERE). You can make multiple suggestions if you wish.


One Comment on “Wood’s Betrayal – Mac Travis Adventures Book Eight

  1. Okay i’m going nuts trying to find the fifth book in the Mac Travis is returning the Cuban ball player to Cuba. Book number 5 starts with Mac gets awakened when the fishing line starts zinging. What happened to the stolen boat, Mel and the ball player?


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