Backwater Tide – OUT NOW

Hey Guys,

Treasure has always fascinated me. I think it does for everyone. There is little to match the frustration and excitement of searching for and finding a long lost Spanish Galleon. South Florida and the Keys have their share and are best know as the final resting place of the Atocha, the 1715 fleet on the Treasure Coast and the 1733 fleet off the Keys.

Salvors have worked the Florida waters for centuries. Originally using Indians and slaves as divers and primitive gear to the current use of state of the art technology and remote operated submarines, billions of dollars in treasure is still sitting on the ocean floor. Therewards are beyond belief when you find them, but It is a near impossible task to research and locate a seventeenth or eighteenth century ship. The wood hull is long gone, eaten by Teredo worms and beaten by storm after storm; the treasure often covered by feet of shifting sands. The only clues left are often a few cannon and munitions and a pile of ballast— hopefully smooth stones from Spanish rivers.

Treasure also changes people, revealing their true and often not so pretty nature. Backwater Tide takes Kurt and Justine right into this world.

Tide is also the first of a three-book project that I’m working on. Kurt originally appeared in Wood’s Betrayal helping Mac stop a group of human smugglers. Mac returns the favor here joining Kurt in the hunt for the murderer—and treasure.

I’m well into the next Mac Travis Adventure that takes off right after Backwater Tide ends which will be released in late November. For all you Mac Travis fans, read this first. There’s also a great back story to the book that will be revealed in the next Tides of Fortune book available in late December. Then it’s off to Italy for the Storm crew

Thank you so much for your support and reviews. 2018 has been a year that I never thought possible when I started writing and it is because of you guys.

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