Backwater Pass – NEW RELEASE

Hey Guys,

Steve and I would like to thank you for the support you’ve shown for our stories. We’ve got another just about to be released called Backwater Pass.

In past posts, I’ve taken you through the land features and some of the history of the park. I thought this would be an opportunity to touch on the other 95%: the water. Containing both inshore and offshore waters, the park extends out to about the 45’ contour line in the Atlantic. The bay is mostly shallow and grassy where the ocean has scattered patch reefs and just offshore hosts the start of the Florida Keys reef system.

One of the main attractions of the park are the artificial Reefs. These have been around as long as man has taken to the seas. First in the form of sunken ships and now created by dumping construction debris. Regardless of their origin, the man-made reefs are natural fish attractors and when prepared properly are natural hosts for coral and marine life.

One of Biscayne National Park biggest draws is the Maritime Heritage trail featuring six wrecks. These popular dive and snorkel spots attract thousands of people every year. The book starts with Kurt, Allie, and Justine diving on one of these wrecks. A major element of the story is the disposal of a bridge to make a reef, although you’ll have to read the story to see how complicated that became.

Steve tells me there is one more story coming up called Backwater Tide which should be released in September. Mac Travis also makes an appearance in the story. Many of you may remember it was in one of Mac’s stories: Wood’s Betrayal where I first met both him and Justine. I owe him a lot and hope to pay it back with something I’ve left for him at the end which will be continue the story in Wood’s Tempest, which Steve tells me is scheduled to be released in November.


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