Wood’s Destiny – Mac Travis Adventures Book Ten

Hey Guys,

Wood’s Destiny is live today, or as my daughter would say, it has dropped. If you’ve preordered the book, thank you. It will download automatically to your device. No worries if you haven’t preordered: Destiny will be specially priced at $2.99 for a few days. (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

While most of the action in Wood’s Destiny takes place in the Abacos, of course it’s our favorite deckhand Trufante who gets the book’s conflict started, even as Mac and Mel watch from their new dock. Fans of Wayne Stinnett’s Jesse McDermitt series know that Mac and Jesse are island “neighbors,” and like any good neighbors are ready to help each other out when the need arises. In Wood’s Destiny, Jesse is quick to come to Mac’s aid with his quick thinking, array of transportation choices — and, if needed, fire power.

I’ve promised the preorder revenue will go to a relief fund to help the Abacos, where much of this story takes place, recover from Hurricane Dorian. News media tends to cycle through stories quickly, and though it was only last September, Dorian and the destruction the storm caused has been out of the public’s eye for a while. The immediate relief effort is over, but now comes the heavy lifting of rebuilding the islands. I’m thankful for all of you who have helped out in raising a total of over $2,500 for the islands. Once Amazon provides a final tally, I’ll send you an update with the name of the charity and the amount donated. 

The first draft of Backwater Grave, the eighth Kurt Hunter Mystery, is about 50% complete. Pre-order now for just $2.99 and Grave will download to your device on April 27. Expect some changes in Biscayne Bay as Kurt — who trouble seems to follow — takes on a killer with a very unique modus operandi

Audiobook lovers, don’t miss this FREE offer: Wood’s Ledge, a short prequel to the Mac Travis series, is available here:

We’re deep into winter here in Tampa. The wind is blowing, and cold fronts pop through every few days. It’s truly annoying until I hear from friends, family, and readers in more northern latitudes. I hope the groundhog got it right this year!


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