Wood’s Destiny and the Bahamas

Hey Guys,

Hope y’all made it through the holiday season and are ready for 2020, and still holding onto those New Year’s resolutions. Here in Tampa, resolutions don’t go into effect until after Gasparilla, the yearly pirate invasion, so we’ve got a few weeks. 

I just finished up the third revision of Wood’s Destiny. It is now in the able hands of my editor: Cathy Dee. It was a fun book to write. So far the beta readers have enjoyed it, and when your editor says, “This is way too much fun to edit,” I get cautiously optimistic. 

A good deal of the action takes place in the Bahamas, away from Mac’s home waters of the Florida Keys. The Bahamas are a magical place. A paradise for cruisers, both on small boats and cruise ships, fishermen, divers, gamblers, partiers, shoppers, beachgoers, and more. There is something for everyone. For Wood’s Destiny, most of the story is based in the Abacos, an archipelago in the Northern Bahamas, about 180 miles off the coast of Florida. The area is comprised of two larger islands: Grand Abaco and Little Abaco, as well as a dozen smaller barrier islands. It is on one of these, Green Turtle Cay, that much of Destiny takes place.

We did a bareboat charter there several years ago and really enjoyed it. I have great memories of the area, especially the people. We started at Marsh Harbor, on Great Abaco, and cruised through the entire chain during the week we were there. A lot of my memories are woven into the story.

Here is a Google Map of the area with a few teasers from the book.


The islands have changed since our visit. Hurricane Dorian made landfall this past September. The devastating Category 5 storm came ashore with sustained winds of 185 mph, and gusts to 225 mph, making it the second-strongest Atlantic system to make landfall ever recorded. The book’s timeline starts just before the storm, continues through it, and ends just after.

Though it’s dropped from the news, the struggle for survival and to rebuild the area continues. I have committed all pre-order sales of the book to support the recovery effort. You guys have been great, and this looks like my best pre-order to date. 

It’s not over, though. The book goes live on February 17. If you haven’t, please help out the people of the Bahamas, and save a few bucks on the discounted price, by buying the book now. It will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on release day.

For those Kurt Hunter fans out there, I just started the first draft of his latest adventure. It should be available in April.

Thanks again for all your support. 


One Comment on “Wood’s Destiny and the Bahamas

  1. When will the paperback edition of Wood’s Destiny be released? I have all 10 of your prior Mac Travis books in paperback, but Amazon so far is only showing the kindle version being released on Feb. 17.


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