The Truth Behind Wood’s Wall

I recently got a review about having to suspend your disbelief in order to read Wood’s Wall so I thought I might clear up what is real and what is pulled out of my A**.

sq-groupThe package found in the Gulf Stream in the opening of the book is a square grouper. I was fishing with two friends out in the Gulf Stream at a spot called – wait for it – Wood’s Wall. The package was as described in the book. Wrapped in Tyvek building material with the individual bricks wrapped separately and embossed with initials that I am not at liberty to reveal.

Cocaine was wrapped in the bricks as one of my buddies found out when he sampled it. The Coast Guard coming on the radio was also true.

Here’s where things go fictional. We threw the package back and to my knowledge their was not a lead package containing Plutonium. But with this much true – why not.

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