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Hey Guys, Hope y’all made it through the holiday season and are ready for 2020, and still holding onto those New Year’s resolutions. Here in Tampa, resolutions don’t go into effect until after Gasparilla, the yearly pirate invasion, so we’ve got a few weeks.  I just finished up the third revision of Wood’s Destiny. It is now in the able hands of my editor: Cathy Dee. It was a fun book to… Read More

Hey guys, Hope you’re all well. I’m happy to report my health is back on track. We just got back from a week in the Keys: paddling, fishing, diving … Good times. We did the Key West Classic race in our OC2 (2 person outrigger canoe). It turned out to be a grueling 13 miles, but was a totally different perspective of Key West. It’s hard to escape your past when you’re… Read More

The opening scene in Pirate, the first book in the Tides of Fortune series has my main character, Nick about to help the legendary pirate Gasparilla distribute the shares of his infamous treasure to his crew before “retiring”. One last prize lures him away, but it is a ruse by the US Navy and their pirate-hunting schooner USS Enterprise. They have set a trap that ends in the sinking of the Floridablanca… Read More

The Steven Becker Starter Library This is an amazing opportunity to download three books to your Kindle from three of my series. Wood’s Reef It’s easy to become invisible in the Florida Keys. Mac Travis was doing his best to keep a low profile: diving, fishing, and enough salvage work to pay his bills. It’s a good life until he discovers something while spearfishing that could change the pristine Keys forever. Pirate… Read More

Tides Of Fortune Box Set “A gripping tale of pirate adventure off the coast of 19th Century Florida!” A thrilling high-seas adventure series from renowned storyteller Steven Becker. Today the box set of all three books in the Tides of Fortune series is available. Includes Pirate, The Wreck of the Ten Sail, and Haitian Gold. Available in Kindle

Book 3 in the Tides of Fortune series – OUT NOW

Hi all, So far this month you’ve had the chance to download Relic (Mac Travis Series #1), Pirate (Tides of Fortune #1) and Bonefish Blues (Will Service #1), all for just $0.99. For the final week in the January sale I’m giving you the chance to download the second book in the Tides of Fortune series – The Wreck of the Ten Sail. This gives you the opportunity to catch up with the… Read More

In 1803, the first ruler of Haiti created a new flag. He ripped out the white stripe in the French red, white and blue flag and proclaimed to the world that he would rip white people from the nation. The remaining blue and red stripes would forever be known as the flag of Haiti. That man was Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first ruler of Haiti. Born in 1758, in Africa, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was… Read More

Hi all, During my January sale you’ve had the chance to download Relic (Mac Travis Series #1) and Pirate (Tides of Fortune #1). This week it’s the time for a lesser known series that I’ve been writing featuring a character called Will Service. Bonefish Blues is available to download for just $0.99 until 17 January. One more discounted book will be available from next week. If you like Bonefish Blues, Will’s adventures… Read More

Hi all, So, we’re now into 2016 and I’ve got lots of plans this year and several new books scheduled. Last week was the first week in my January sale. Relic was available to download for just $0.99, but as that one ends, another begins. This week it’s Pirate – Book 1 in the Tides of Fortune series. The promotion starts today (4 January) and ends on 11 January. Take advantage of this… Read More