Tuna Tango Relaunch

Tuna Tango:

Will Service Thriller Book Two


ONLY 99c

(Reverts to the normal price of $2.99

on Dec 13)

tuna1“A riveting tale of intrigue and terrorism, Key West characters in their full glory! Fast paced and continually changing direction – I’m hooked!”

Will Service is living the Keys lifestyle until a hurricane swamps his boat and destroys his unfinished house. A family friend offers him an opportunity to get back on his feet, and he takes the challenge of rebuilding an iconic fish house on St. Petersburg Beach – a job unique to his abilities.

The stakes are raised when a black market fish smuggling business is discovered on the property, and one of his delinquent workers steals a huge Bluefin tuna. The poachers take his girlfriend hostage to ensure his cooperation and protect their business forcing Will into a race to save her and shut down their operation.

Action and Adventure in the Florida Keys from Steven Becker, bestselling author of the Mac Travis series.

Featuring generous doses of boating, fishing, and the counterculture of the Florida Keys.

Revised, re-written and re-released.

Available in Kindle, Paperback and Audio formats

kindle2  kindle-paperback  audible

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