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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I’ve got three books out at the moment that are reduced to just $0.99 each, including the newly relaunched Bonefish Blues.                  Take advantage of these great Black Friday deals before they return to full price.

Bonefish Blues: Will Service Thriller Book One SPECIAL RE-RELEASE PROMOTION ONLY 99c (Reverts to the normal price of $2.99 on Dec 1) “I just couldn’t put this book down. A great plot filled with action. Steven Becker brings each character to life, allowing the reader to become immersed in the plot.” Will Service, a mild-mannered fly fishing guide, is living the Keys lifestyle. When he finds his favorite bonefish flat is in jeopardy,… Read More

Bonefish have been given their name due to the numerous, tiny bones that are contained within their bodies. As a result of these, they are very difficult to eat and are caught mainly for sport. Bonefishing (as the pastime is called) is a catch-and-release sport popular in Florida and the Bahamas. Those that engage in it enjoy the skill required to lure this cautious creature in, and the fight that it puts… Read More

Marlins are often mistaken for swordfish and, even though both species are billfish, there are several differences in their appearance. Both have long spear-like bills, but marlins have more elongated bodies and smaller pectoral fins than swordfish. In addition, there is a long, rigid fin located on its back which forms a crest near the fish’s crown. Its name is believed to have originated from the resemblance it bears to a sailor’s… Read More

The Earth’s deepest underwater trench is located in the Pacific Ocean, just east of the Mariana Islands. Formed by a process known as subduction, which is when a tectonic plate is submerged by another, the Mariana(s) Trench is crescent shaped and extends about 1500 miles long and 43 miles wide. In 2009, as a part of the Marianas Trench National Monument, the entire area became a US protected zone. The trench’s maximum… Read More