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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Throughout history there have been an unbelievable number of statues of Jesus Christ erected all over the world. Worshippers feel encouraged by seeing the son of God depicted in stone, marble, and various metals. The original Christ of the Abyss statue is a bit different from many of the others viewed in and around the world’s holy places, and was made with this intention. Sculpted from bronze, it can be found immersed… Read More

Centuries of trade and looting mean that the amount of treasure that lies below the oceans, and other water bodies, is unknown and the vast majority of it will probably never be recovered. There are many diving expeditions that search for known shipwrecks, hoping to find their contents for both the monetary as well the historical value. To date the three largest treasures ever discovered under the sea are: The Whydah Galley… Read More

John D MacDonald’s character Travis McGee has been a big influence on my MacTravis adventure series. Here’s a little background information on John D MacDonald. Born in Sharon, Pennsylvania on July 14, 1916, John left the state at an early age, moving to Utica, New York in 1926 with the rest of his family. After his first trip to Europe in 1934, he developed a love for travelling, photography and the unknown…. Read More

Mac Travis Adventures (Book 6) – OUT NOW

Many of the islands that make up the Florida Keys are popular tourist spots, including Bahia Honda. It can be found in the Lower Florida Keys and even though it has no permanent residents, the island is home to the 524 acre Bahia Honda State Park. Founded in 1961, the park extends over most of the island and is known for its breath-taking beaches and excellent snorkelling. The Overseas Railroad was built… Read More

Known as a fish watcher’s paradise, the coasts of the 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys are full of mangroves, corals, reefs and wrecked ships. These provide the perfect homes for many fish, and other animals, that are attracted to the appeal of the area. The animals that reside in these waters are friendlier than in most other places, because of the conservation of the corals. Some of the creatures… Read More