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Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Storm Thriller series is a way for me to include some locations outside of Florida, where the Mac Travis Adventures series takes place. The first book, Storm Rising, is set in London and the British Virgin Islands. Storm Force starts in Chicago and moves to Hawaii. We’ve got a bicycle trip to Italy coming up this fall, so look for the next Storm book to have some locations from Rome and… Read More

The Big Island of Hawaii is the main setting for Storm Force, the second book in the Storm Thriller Series. I’ve made several trips to the Big Island in the last few years: one with family, and the other to paddle in the Queen Liliuokalani outrigger canoe race. The settings in the books are the result of our explorations of the island (Check out the map here). As unique and fascinating as… Read More

The second book in the Storm Thriller series is now available to buy from amazon. It will stay at the special launch price of just $2.99, but only for 48 hours, after which it will increase to $4.99. So, take advantage of this special price while you can! A forgotten treasure controls the fate of an island paradise The future of Hawaii is at stake after a rare chart from Captain Cook’s third voyage… Read More