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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The second book in the Storm Thriller series is now available to pre-order from amazon. It will be released on May 11th at the special price of just $2.99. But this release price only lasts 48 hours, after which it will increase to $4.99. So, take advantage of this special price while you can! A forgotten treasure controls the fate of an island paradise The future of Hawaii is at stake after… Read More

Hi Guys, The big news is that Storm Force, the second book in the Storm Series will be released in a few weeks. The manuscript is with my editor now and I’ll give a firm release date when I get it back. As usual, the book will be discounted for the first few days of release, so keep your eyes open. Mainly set on the Big Island in Hawaii, the locations are… Read More

The opening scene in Pirate, the first book in the Tides of Fortune series has my main character, Nick about to help the legendary pirate Gasparilla distribute the shares of his infamous treasure to his crew before “retiring”. One last prize lures him away, but it is a ruse by the US Navy and their pirate-hunting schooner USS Enterprise. They have set a trap that ends in the sinking of the Floridablanca… Read More