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Monthly Archives: October 2016

“Action & Adventure in the Florida Keys” Short post today just to tell everyone that Wood’s Relic, the first book in my best selling Mac Travis Adventure series is $0.99 to download to your kindle today only. Tomorrow it reverts back to its normal price. Take advantage while it’s at this price and please share with your friends. Thanks, Steven

In September 2016, Hurricane Matthew left a path of destruction through many countries, including Cuba, Haiti and the United States. What began as a tropical wave off the coast of Africa, quickly escalated into the first Category Five hurricane in nine years.  It is believed that Matthew caused the deaths of over 1000 people, the majority of these from Haiti, as well as an unbelievably high amount of structural damage. This is… Read More

Survival beneath sea level can be difficult and creatures that live here have adapted in order to do so. Their general appearance and features can be extremely different from the animals that live on land. Some of the ones with a unique appearance are: Leafy Sea Dragon Looking almost identical to a seahorse-shaped piece of seaweed, this type of fish is found mainly off the coast of Australia. They normally grow to… Read More

Underwater exploration can be very exciting and divers add to this by learning to explore submerged caves. These dives are normally more risky than others and, even though many divers are hesitant about increasing the difficulty of their adventures, cave diving is still being more popular. In the United States most of the best places to cave dive are found in Florida, because of its terrain and warm waters. Before their initial… Read More