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Monthly Archives: September 2016

“Action & Adventure in the Florida Keys” Short post today just to tell everyone that Wood’s Relic, the first book in my best selling Mac Travis Adventure series is $0.99 to download to your kindle today only. Tomorrow it reverts back to its normal price. Take advantage while it’s at this price and please share with your friends. Thanks, Steven

Recreational diving is an excellent way to observe sea animals in their natural habitats. Scuba diving can scare the creatures away, because of the noise and bubbles caused, and many people free dive as a better alternative. The diver relies on their ability to hold their breath, instead of using any form of equipment, whenever they are free diving. In this way they can get closer to the marine life, as well… Read More

Our planet has so many secrets that it has yet to reveal to us, and many of these are believed to reside in the deepest parts of the ocean. In order to completely understand the plant and animal life that resides there, marine biologists know that they have to interact with them in their environment. The ocean extends to beneath 10,000 ft. below sea level, and most scuba diving suits are only… Read More

The modern sport of outrigging is a competitive race between two or more teams in outrigger canoes. It was developed in Hawaii in earlier centuries, but the first official outrigger races took place in the early 20th century in Waikiki. The sport has since spread and is now very popular in many countries, including Australia. The difference between outriggers and other canoes is the fact that it is double-hulled. Its stability comes… Read More

Ships have been sinking since man started sailing them around the world and, as divers are realising daily, there is still a vast amount of treasure lying undiscovered on the ocean floor. Fortunes have been found in gold, jewellery, antique weapons, art and lots of other rare items. Two ships are still being salvaged that prove that other forms of wealth are just as important to our history as these material things…. Read More