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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Living in or around the Florida Keys represents a chance to get wet, wild and fit with the variety of water sports that are engaged in daily. Visitors also love and frequent this area as friendly locals, warm water and endless sunshine combine to make any holiday memorable. Regardless of age or skill level there will be several water activities that anyone visiting the Florida Keys can enjoy. While all the traditional… Read More

Relic, the first book in the Mac Travis Adventures has now been revised, edited and extended to include an additional chapter at the end. Whilst I was at it I got the cover revamped whilst still retaining the original feel to the books. If you have the old version of Wood’s Relic (Pre June 2016) you can download the additional ending chapter by clicking here. Wood’s Reef and Wall are also getting… Read More

Deep sea diving always requires that there is enough gas to ensure a safe dive. The most common type of dive is one where a cylinder is filled with breathing gas and taken under. When this gas is finished the diver is required to resurface and refill or change the cylinder that they have. Using a rebreather eliminates the need to dive with an excess of gas. This is because it recirculates… Read More

In 1733, the Spaniards were one of many European nations that were exploring, conquering and trading in the New World. Havana was the centre of Spanish commerce, at the time, and ships would use it as a port to rest and stock up on supplies before the long journey to Spain. On Friday 13th July, 1733 a fleet of 17 ships left Havana to undertake this voyage. The ships were led by… Read More

When exploring beneath the sea, there are certain difficulties that a diver will need to overcome. The technique of sidemount diving was developed in order to make exploration of underwater caves and wrecks an easier process. This is because the cylinders are stored beside the divers, normally below their shoulders and along their hips, instead of on their backs. During a dive, two or more cylinders are attached in this way using… Read More