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After the American Revolution, Spain regained control of Florida from Britain as part of the Treaty of Paris. When the British evacuated Florida, Spanish colonists as well as settlers from the newly formed United States poured into the territory. Many of these new residents were lured by favorable Spanish terms for acquiring property, called land grants. Even Seminoles were encouraged to set up farms, because they provided a buffer between Spanish Florida… Read More

Book 3 in the Tides of Fortune series – OUT NOW

Ching Shih was the Chinese prostitute who became one of the most powerful female pirates of her time through her control of the Red Flag Fleet. Under her command, the fleet grew and became one of the most organized system of businesses on the seas. With huge resources, she had (for a short time) the power to rival any government in the world. Little is known about Ching Shih’s early life apart… Read More

Haiti, an island nation that has suffered much in its existence, manages to thrive as a cultural and historical treasure trove, with its unique and varied lifestyle of its peoples, their cultures, and the deep history one can feel when they arrive. Of the many sights beckoning you, no visit to Haiti would be complete should you be so unfortunate as to miss out on see the largest fortress in the Americas…. Read More

Toll Roads Florida has more toll roads and bridges than any other state in the Union. The Fern Capital The small town of Pierson in northeast Florida is known as the Fern Capital of the World. Ferns from farms here are shipped worldwide, and these farms can be seen everywhere in the area. High Point of Florida The highest point in Florida is only 345 feet above sea level. Britton Hill is… Read More