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Our planet has so many secrets that it has yet to reveal to us, and many of these are believed to reside in the deepest parts of the ocean. In order to completely understand the plant and animal life that resides there, marine biologists know that they have to interact with them in their environment. The ocean extends to beneath 10,000 ft. below sea level, and most scuba diving suits are only… Read More

The depths of the seas are phenomenally different from life on land, both in atmosphere and life forms. Being unable to breathe under water, however, means that most of us will never get a chance to spend a night surrounded by beautiful sea creatures. These 5 underwater hotels have found ways of making it possible and individuals are now able to spend the night creating waves in their dreams: Jules Undersea Lodge… Read More

Deep sea diving always requires that there is enough gas to ensure a safe dive. The most common type of dive is one where a cylinder is filled with breathing gas and taken under. When this gas is finished the diver is required to resurface and refill or change the cylinder that they have. Using a rebreather eliminates the need to dive with an excess of gas. This is because it recirculates… Read More

When exploring beneath the sea, there are certain difficulties that a diver will need to overcome. The technique of sidemount diving was developed in order to make exploration of underwater caves and wrecks an easier process. This is because the cylinders are stored beside the divers, normally below their shoulders and along their hips, instead of on their backs. During a dive, two or more cylinders are attached in this way using… Read More

La Sultana An Ex-Soviet spy ship, the La Sultana is one of the largest superyachts in the whole world. Measuring in at 65.4 meters long, this yacht was converted into a luxury superyacht by the La Sultana hotel group. In 2015, she underwent a major rebuild and is currently up for sale. Invictus Previously known as Project Invader, Delta Marine’s Invictus is its second largest build yet. She was built with an… Read More

USS Kittiwake Since its sinking in January 2011, the 251-foot former USS Kittiwake has been covered in marine life such as like horse-eye jacks, sergeant majors, blue tangs and squirrelfish – and has won the hearts of divers. The most exciting new resident is a 100-pound goliath grouper that’s often found near the wreck’s propeller. The former Chanticleer-class submarine rescue vessel sits on the seafloor off Seven Mile Beach, and rises to… Read More

Key Largo Key Largo (which means Long Key, named by the Spaniards) is one of the closest of the islands to the Florida mainland. Drive south from Miami for about an hour or so, and you will come to the drawbridge at Jewfish Creek. When you cross this bridge, you will find yourself in Key Largo, the first island of the Florida Keys. Key Largo is the home to the world’s largest… Read More

Florida Keys Wild Bird Center Free to enter and hard to leave—the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Keys. You can learn all about the rare native bird population and see how the center takes care of injured, orphaned and sick birds. Donations are encouraged—but your trip to the Bird Center will be free. Rain Barrel Artisans Village Looking for somewhere beautiful, peaceful… Read More

Since the beginning of time, men have gone into the water—some to collect food—some to see what lies beneath the waves. It’s hard to actually tell the exact date of the first dive, but we do know from recovered artifacts that the people of Mesopotamia dived to collect pearl oysters—and that early diving took place around 4,500 years ago. Later the Greeks of Thebes would dive for pearls and the Chinese were… Read More

For many centuries, people have practiced breath-hold diving. Evidence of this comes from many thousands of years’ old undersea artifacts that have been found on dry land. In Ancient Greece, breath-hold divers are well-known to have hunted and engaged in military activities under the sea. It took the invention of apparatus to help humans breathe underwater before many people could see the world underneath the ocean—before the apparatus, each dive was short,… Read More