Steven Becker


The once pristine Everglades are riddled with man-made features. Many were used in my latest book: Wood’s Revenge. Both testing stations and the maze of dredged canals criss-crossing the River of Grass are used for locations and in the development of the premise for the book. Testing stations monitored by the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER (Long term ecological research network) were established by the National Science Foundation in 1980. Their purpose is… Read More

In the southern area of the Everglades, less than five miles from Everglades National Park is a 180-foot deep hole with the largest solid fuel rocket ever built. In the early 1960s, fueled by the space race, Aerojet won the bid to build three solid fuel engines to power the Saturn Rockets to the moon. Homestead was awarded the location and a 5,500-acre site was built in the Everglades. Three test rockets… Read More