Steven Becker


In 1733, the Spaniards were one of many European nations that were exploring, conquering and trading in the New World. Havana was the centre of Spanish commerce, at the time, and ships would use it as a port to rest and stock up on supplies before the long journey to Spain. On Friday 13th July, 1733 a fleet of 17 ships left Havana to undertake this voyage. The ships were led by… Read More

Florida in the 18th century remained a lonely outpost of the declining Spanish Empire. Its most important mission was to secure the homeward route of the Spanish New World Treasure Fleets. These fleets had long funded Spain’s now-receding role in European and world affairs. The loss of the 1715 Fleet was another blow to the newly established Bourbon dynasties of Spain. Gold and silver in great quantities was homeward bound to King… Read More