Steven Becker


Hi Guys, I can’t thank you enough for reading the first of my adventures: Backwater Bay. Steve has written another one, called Backwater Channel, that can be pre-ordered today and is released on Feb 15th. This was an interesting case and has some great locations. Biscayne Bay National Park, or what I call my “office” is set just to the south of Miami. With a view of downtown, the chimneys of the… Read More

USS Kittiwake Since its sinking in January 2011, the 251-foot former USS Kittiwake has been covered in marine life such as like horse-eye jacks, sergeant majors, blue tangs and squirrelfish – and has won the hearts of divers. The most exciting new resident is a 100-pound goliath grouper that’s often found near the wreck’s propeller. The former Chanticleer-class submarine rescue vessel sits on the seafloor off Seven Mile Beach, and rises to… Read More