Steven Becker


I made a sea change in this installment of the Will Service series — or should I say an ocean change. Writing in first person allowed me to get into Will’s head. He is a different kind of guy and the switch to the book narrated through his eyes, I hope, gives a better portrayal of him. The setting also makes a major move from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. I draw… Read More

Hi all, So far this month you’ve had the chance to download Relic (Mac Travis Series #1), Pirate (Tides of Fortune #1) and Bonefish Blues (Will Service #1), all for just $0.99. For the final week in the January sale I’m giving you the chance to download the second book in the Tides of Fortune series – The Wreck of the Ten Sail. This gives you the opportunity to catch up with the… Read More

Hi all, During my January sale you’ve had the chance to download Relic (Mac Travis Series #1) and Pirate (Tides of Fortune #1). This week it’s the time for a lesser known series that I’ve been writing featuring a character called Will Service. Bonefish Blues is available to download for just $0.99 until 17 January. One more discounted book will be available from next week. If you like Bonefish Blues, Will’s adventures… Read More