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Known as a fish watcher’s paradise, the coasts of the 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys are full of mangroves, corals, reefs and wrecked ships. These provide the perfect homes for many fish, and other animals, that are attracted to the appeal of the area. The animals that reside in these waters are friendlier than in most other places, because of the conservation of the corals. Some of the creatures… Read More

Living in or around the Florida Keys represents a chance to get wet, wild and fit with the variety of water sports that are engaged in daily. Visitors also love and frequent this area as friendly locals, warm water and endless sunshine combine to make any holiday memorable. Regardless of age or skill level there will be several water activities that anyone visiting the Florida Keys can enjoy. While all the traditional… Read More

In 1733, the Spaniards were one of many European nations that were exploring, conquering and trading in the New World. Havana was the centre of Spanish commerce, at the time, and ships would use it as a port to rest and stock up on supplies before the long journey to Spain. On Friday 13th July, 1733 a fleet of 17 ships left Havana to undertake this voyage. The ships were led by… Read More

When exploring beneath the sea, there are certain difficulties that a diver will need to overcome. The technique of sidemount diving was developed in order to make exploration of underwater caves and wrecks an easier process. This is because the cylinders are stored beside the divers, normally below their shoulders and along their hips, instead of on their backs. During a dive, two or more cylinders are attached in this way using… Read More

The British Virgin Islands is a great vacation spot because of its warm climate and lush vegetation. Wherever you find these conditions, there are sure to be many animals that thrive in them. Even though some of them have excellent camouflage skills, opportunities have been taken to gather some information on them. Like many other islands much of the animal population of the British Virgin Islands consists of amphibians and reptiles. Some… Read More

In his greatly documented Caribbean journeys that started in 1492, Christopher Columbus is given the credit of discovering many of the islands there. These include the Virgin Islands which he named in memory of the 11000 virgins who followed St. Ursula, and were beheaded in the 4th century. In 1692, they were colonised by the British and became fondly known as the British Virgin Islands, even though their official name remains the… Read More

A bit of interesting research from my latest book, coming very soon!   Cyrus was born between 590 and 580 BCE, either in Media or, more probably, in Persis, the modern Fārs province of Iran. During his reign, he founded the Achaemenian Empire, centered on Persia and comprising the Near East from the Aegean Sea eastward to the Indus River. The figure of Cyrus has survived history as more than a great man… Read More

It was Columbus who first discovered the beautiful Virgin Islands on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. When he saw so many isles and cays, he named them after the virgin followers of Saint Ursula, who was martyred in the fourth century. The Spanish did not spend too much time on the islands, though, since they were unable to find gold there. They quickly set sail and moved on… Read More

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La Sultana An Ex-Soviet spy ship, the La Sultana is one of the largest superyachts in the whole world. Measuring in at 65.4 meters long, this yacht was converted into a luxury superyacht by the La Sultana hotel group. In 2015, she underwent a major rebuild and is currently up for sale. Invictus Previously known as Project Invader, Delta Marine’s Invictus is its second largest build yet. She was built with an… Read More